Group Training always making progress

After successful completion of Strength Training 101 you may be invited to join at the instructor’s discretion.

AMP Group training is an open gym environment with the guidance of an instructor.

Here, we continue to work on improving the fundamentals and begin catering your training to your individual goals. We do this in a supportive and non-judgmental group environment where you’re able to train with others who are on the same journey to better health and strength.

Should you choose to expand your knowledge, we have many other courses/workshops available for your individual interests.

We can't wait for you to join us!

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Sweat Saturday challenge yourself

Once you have gotten into the groove of things in AMP Group Training, you may want to challenge yourself with Sweat Saturday.

Sweat Saturday is meant to put your training and mental toughness to the test. It’s also a great time to train with your fellow classmates and perhaps meet some new ones.

To attend Sweat Saturday, completion of Barbell Lifting 101 and Kettlebell Skills 201 are required. Keep in mind that Sweat Saturday is not recommended for everyone.

Sweat Saturday is included with your AMP Group Training registration. If you are taking part, please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to start time so you may properly warm–up, prepare and get organized.

Be sure to check the schedule for any potential changes.

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