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AMPFit offers 1-on-1 Private Training sessions for a variety of different disciplines or goals. Private Training is especially useful for those who have sporadic schedules, or those who prefer to have undivided individual attention.

Whether you are looking to get back into shape, improve strength and endurance, improve your kettlebell technique, prepare for a kettlebell instructor certification, assistance with Olympic Weightlifting technique or increase your strength and numbers, we will have you covered with AMP Private Training.

If you are already signed up for AMP Group Training and looking to accelerate your progress, this is a perfect addition.

Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training provides you with the same benefits as Private Training but at nearly half the cost. For those who could use a little bit of extra support/motivation to help stay consistent, Semi-Private Training is for you.


AMPFit has two types of Private Training packages to meet your needs. If you're able to dedicate an hour or more to training each week, then stay consistent and choose our Monthly Packages. If your schedule cannot accommodate a weekly commitment, Session Packages are a better fit for you.

monthly packages

Each Monthly package includes a certain number of training sessions per week. All sessions are valid for one month from the date of purchase. Missed sessions will not be carried over to the following month. If you are away or traveling, you will be provided with the equivalent amount of time/instruction in distance coaching to continue your training.

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session packages

Each Session package includes the number of training sessions you choose to purchase. All session are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

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Please note that all sessions have a 24-hour cancellation policy.

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