AMP Weightlifting Team train to compete

The AMP Weightlifting Team meets on a weekly basis to practice their skills and work towards competing in Weightlifting competitions.

"In competitive Olympic Weightlifting, there are two lifts contested - the Snatch, and the Clean & Jerk. Each athlete has three attempts at each lift, and the sum of their best Snatch and best Clean & Jerk is their Total. The goal is to execute a proper lift with as heavy a weight as possible. If there is a tie, the lifter with the lightest bodyweight is given a higher ranking." - BC Weightlifting Association

There is a $50 annual membership fee to join the AMP Weightlifting Team. This will allow you access to the weekly Weightlifting training sessions.

If you are not registered for AMP Group Training, there is a drop-in fee of $25 for each session or $200 for 10 sessions.

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